The Top 10 Black Superheroes Of All Time. Ebony Comic Book Characters Power Up!

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So do you love Black Superheroes? This video presents The Top 10 Black Superheroes of All time. II thought it was appropriate to put up this list. Do You want to guess the top 2 I thought it should be obvious and most you know but this is also a list of the obscure but awesome comic sourced sci-fi heroes. This list is also about the heroes only it is not about the Black super villains which will be another list for another time. So Erik Killmonger fans i apologize we will discuss him on another day.

Why does Marvel have a nice roster of Ebony warriors in spandex and DC's roster so thin? Aren't you glad that I included some of the Indie publishers African and American-American heroes.

My Top 20 List.

20. STATIC - Milestone/DC Comics (1993)
19. BLADE - Marvel Comics (1973)
18. MISTY KNIGHT - Marvel Comics (1975)
17. BISHOP - Marvel Comics (1991)
16. DEE (Of the Rat Queens) - Image Comics - (2013)
15. DIVINITY - Valiant Comics (2015)
14. DEATHLOK - Marvel Comics - 1974
13. HARDWARE - Milestone/DC Comics (1993)
12. VOODOO - Marvel Comics (1973)
11. MOON GIRL - Marvel Comics (2015)
10. WAR MACHINE - Marvel Comics (1992)
9. CYBORG - DC Comics (1980)
8. FALCON - Marvel Comics (1969)
7. MICHONNE - Image Comics (2005)
6. MILES MORALES - Marvel Comics (2011)
5. JOHN STEWART (Green Lantern) - DC Comics (1971)
4. Guess Who???
3. You Will Have To Watch
2. To Find Out specifically
1. Who is Ranked In this slot?

Does King T'challa top the list? You will have to see.. Well duh. of course he does Down in Wakanda this prince battles usurpers to his thrown and control over the precious vibranium. I hope you guys are not sick of me talking about Back Panther over and over btw. There are other things to talk about. Here are some other things to discuss about Ebony Superheroes.

Remember this is my personal list and I was never a fan of the character. When he was created in 1977 I feel as though that DC was creating a "me too" street level Black hero to compete with Marvel's Luke Cage. The Jefferson Pierce character aka Black Lightning was virtually unused for 40 years in the DC universe and then they go out and give him a TV show once Marvel gets a hit TV show with Luke Cage so its just the same thing repeating itself. The BL show on the CW is better than I thought it would be but still not a fan. Here was my take on it on this video I made Before the show aired.

Enjoy the show and your comments are welcome on the board and see these other links! We need more Super heroes of color, and creators in comics of color and more women in this business. Hit these links


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* Storm Is confirmed to be an OMEGA level mutant. Not Almost

* The Black Racer from DC's New Gods 4th world Universe predates John Stewart Green Lantern by a few months which would make the Black Racer Their first Black superhero. But Stewart would be the first Black high profile character.


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