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The Way That I Love You ….

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The Way That I Love You ....


Taken at the beautiful NorderNey ♥

How many times can I tell you
You’re lovely just the way you are?
Don’t let the world come and change you
Don’t let life break your heart
Don’t put on their mask, don’t wear their disguise
Don’t let them dim the light that shines in your eyes

If only you could love yourself the way, that I love you

How many times can I say
You don’t have to change a thing?
Don’t let the tide wash you away
Don’t let worry ever clip your wings
Discard what is fake, keep what is real
Pursue what you love, embrace how you feel

And if you ever choose a road that leads nowhere
All alone and you can’t see right from wrong
And if you ever lose yourself out there
Come on home
And I’ll sing you this song

Posted by Buneta on 2020-04-27 14:41:42

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