Time Travel: The Incredible Odyssey in the Immensity of the Universe | Space Documentary

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🌍 On a clear night, Man raises his eyes to the sky. He has the immense privilege of being the spectator of one of the most beautiful works that nature has to offer. Raised in the sky, a multitude of celestial luminaries, which are the stars, offer a delight for the eyes. This fascination for the magnificence of the heavens has one day given birth to a science, astronomy. The discoveries that followed have allowed a considerable advance in the knowledge related to our cosmos. Today we have important technological means to try to pierce the secrets of what we see but cannot reach. Telescopes, satellites, robotic vehicles sent to survey planets inaccessible to man... Astronomy is evolving at great speed and we know more and more about the universe. These discoveries confer to the modern Man a feeling of omnipotence on the world which surrounds him. But on the contrary, the awareness of the immensity of the universe has more than ever made Man smaller. Whereas a few centuries ago, the human species thought it was the center of the world and placed the earth at the center of the universe, modern cosmology has scientifically proven the error of this perception. At that time, mankind was assigned a place of prominence, but today, thinking tends to consider the human species as a speck of sand that appeared by chance in a vast cosmic ocean.

Does the human species have a privileged place in the universe? How did the earth, life and then Man appear? What future can we predict for Homo sapiens?
In order to better situate the place of Man, it can be useful to look at events from another angle, from the beginning of the universe to today, in order to understand where we come from and where we are going...

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💥 The Immensity of the Universe:
- The universe is all the matter and energy distributed in space-time. It is composed of billions of galaxies, themselves made up of billions of stars around which may gravitate planets thus forming a system. It is estimated today that the diameter of the observable universe is 100 billion light years. All the structures composing it are in perpetual evolution.

The galaxy in which man evolves is the Milky Way. With at least 200 billion stars and more than 100 billion planets, scientists estimate its diameter to be up to 200,000 light years. The Milky Way is the home of the solar system and consequently of the Earth, the home and origin of mankind. Observed from the earth, the Milky Way appears as a whitish band forming an arc in the sky.

Among the stars that make up our galaxy, there is one majestic star that sparkles and provides light and heat to our entire system: the sun.
About 150 million kilometers away, the sun is the closest star to the earth. The solar system is defined by the star, the sun, and by all the celestial objects that orbit around it. Among them, eight confirmed planets dance around the sun on the rhythm of the ecliptic plane: Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars which are telluric planets mainly made of rocks, and Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune which are gaseous planets mainly made of gas. With a diameter of 1.4 million kilometers, the sun alone represents 99% of the mass of the solar system. Scientists estimate that it is at the half of its life and that it could still burn for 5 billion years. The energy released by this sphere of light is of paramount importance for life on our planet, and our ancestors realized this very early. Indeed, many civilizations have studied its annual movement in order to define seasons and to make it an ally in their agriculture.

After traveling through the universe and the Milky Way, let's slowly get closer to the planet that brings together the conditions of life for humans: the earth.


🎬 On the program today:
- 00:00 - Introduction
- 03:00 - The universe, what is it?
- 02:42 - The Earth, a dust in the galaxy
- 37:20 - The modest place of humans in the universe
- 52:00 - What future for men in the universe?


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