Top 10 Comic Book Events Fans Immediately Hated

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Top 10 Comic Book Events Fans Immediately Hated
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Comic book events can be brilliant crossovers of all our favorite heroes, or they can be controversial stories that make fans angry. It really is one or the other. Sometimes these events start strong and lose steam, but these are the events fans hated right from the start.

Top 10 Marvel Events:

List Rank and Entries
10: “Identity Crisis” (2004)
9: “Civil War II” (2016)
#8: “The Clone Saga” (1994-96)
#7: “Amazons Attack!” (2007)
#6: “Ultimatum” (2009)
#5: “Countdown to Final Crisis” (2007-08)
#4: “Onslaught” (1996)
#3, #2, #1: ?

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