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Top 10 Marriage Gifts For Friends Under Rs 500 | Wedding Gifts Within Rs 500

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Generally, most of the couples wish to have a wedding gift with high quality rather than low or medium quality. Present a creative and unique gift which stands out in the eyes of bride and groom. Always understand the needs and likings of the newly married couple and present the gifts which are useful for them in their new home. If your budget is below or equivalent to Rs.500 then choose the gifts like china, crystal glasses, vases, etc. which are fashionable and looks great for long years. We have researched a list of marriage gifts for friends budget rs 500 which helps you get the best gift and the best part is you can buy the gifts online.

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👉 Best Gift Items Below 500 Rupees

1. Personalized Calendar

2. Wooden Scrapbook

https: 3.Showpiece

4.Aroma Diffuser

5. Vegetable & Fruit Chopper

6. Framed Painting Set

7. Fruit juicer

8. Mirror Cum Photo Frame

9. Artificial Plant

10. Clock

00:00 Intro
00:33 Personalised Calender
1:10 Wooden scrapbook
1:40 Showpiece
2:07 Aroma Diffuser
2:31 Vegetable & Fruit Chopper
2:53 Framed Painting Set
3:18 Fruit juicer
3:41 Mirror Cum Photo Frame
4:07 Artificial Plant
4:33 Clock

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