Top 10 Rules of Calisthenics (FOLLOW OR FAIL)

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If you are a calisthenics beginner or advanced, this FitnessFAQs tutorial is a must watch. When it comes to bodyweight training there are a handful of fundamental strength training principles. If followed consistently, progress and results are going to be much faster.

The following 10 Rules of Calisthenics must be followed by men, women, those over 50 and everyone else in between. Regardless if the goal is building mass, size or strength, successful training at home requires:

1 - No Kipping
When doing pull-ups or muscle ups strict form is a must without momentum, definitely no swinging around!

2 - Compound Exercises
Push-ups and dips are examples of compound movements training large muscle groups, they should be a mainstay.

3 - Range of Motion
Taking joints through their full range of motion is a must for mobility, strength and training longevity.

4 - Isometrics
Understand the impact static hold duration has on program design. Shorter duration holds require more sets, Longer duration holds require less sets as there is an inverse relationship between volume and intensity.

5 - Volume for Muscle
When it comes to building muscle without weights by bodyweight, a large volume of work is integral.

6 - Intensity for Strength
strength and developing the nervous system requires low reps and high systemic stress.

7 - Rest Periods
For compound training rest 3-5 minutes and isolation training rest 1-3 minutes.

8 - Stop Testing Strength
Most calisthenics beginners make the mistake of trying moves which are impossible for productive training. Choose a sensible progression and be patient.

9 - Scapula Stability
A strong scapula and rotator cuff improves calisthenics performance and prevents injury.

10 - Leg Day
Those doing bodyweight training at home or calisthenics at the gym should not skip legs. Use what you have available be it weights or no equipment options.

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