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Top 5 Linear Electric Fireplaces Review (New technology is finally here!)

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0:00 - 2:47 : Intro
2:48 : Honorable Mentions
5:57 : #5 Modern Flames Landscape Series
9:33 : #4 European Home Linnea Series
13:21 : #3 Dimplex Opti-Myst Series
13:39 : #2 Dimplex Ignite Series
24:50 : #1 Modern Flames Orion Series

In this video Trevor is breakign down the top 5 linear electric fireplacs of 2022. Out last video in 2021 was so popular we had to shoot another! There has been a lot of changes to this line up with al the new technology coming out. Let us know which of these electric fireplaces is your favorite?

Honerable Mentions -
Amantii Bespoke :

Net-Zero Waterplace :

These electric fireplaces are so awesome we couldnt leave them out. The Amantii Bespoke has a unique flame pattern and large and slim option. This fireplace has a different looking flame patter then the rest and arguable the most stenciled look of the bunch. The Net Zero took quite a fall in the ranks as compared to our video last year. Dimplex has released some new waterplaces that will be reviews later in the video that knocked the Net Zero down a bit.

#5 Modern Flames Landscape Series :

This electric fireplace is just super solid. It has a great heater and has different color pallets. What really makes this one stand out to me is the mesh screen on it. The mesh screen offers a truly non refelctive look to the fireplace. All of the other fireplaces have atleast some reflection on the glass on the front of them.

#4 - European Home Linnea Series :

The European Home Linnea is a nice fireplace because its large and it's completely controlled through an app. The app allows for custom personalization of this electric fireplace. this fireplace probably has the best color options then the rest.

#3 - Dimplex Opti-Myst Series :

The Dimplex Opti-Myst series has had a huge transformation this year. We unfortunatly dont have the newest version in the showroom yet, but we got to shoot a video on it in the dimplex trailer. The video is here :

#2 - Dimplex Ignite Series :

Dimplex ignite series was out number one last year, but it has dropped to number two! Wow this is so crazy this industry is getting very competitive! This is still an amazing fire place and arguable the best heater. Dont sleep on the Dimplex Ignite!

#1 - Modern Flames Orion Series :

the Modern Flames Orion series has released a ground breaking electric fireplace this year. The Orion is taking elevtric fireplaces to the next level. They recorded flames in a movie studio and have placed the flmaes on a screen inside of this electric fireplace. This has to be the most realistic looking electric fireplace we have seen to date!

As always, we appreciate you taking the time to watch our video. If you enjoyed the content please be sure to leave a like, comment, and subscribe. We have our top 5 TRADITIONAL electric fireplaces coming out next so watch out for that! Till next time.

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