Top Ten Pro Spec List March 2nd 2021 | Modern Comic Book Speculation

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00:11​ She Hulk 1 3rd Print 2014
01:08​ Skulldigger & Skeleton Boy 1 (1:10 Incentive)
04:38​ Mighty Avengers 1 (1:50 Incentive) | First Spectrum
05:45 Champions 1 (2016) cover A
10:14​ X-Women 1 One-Shot
13:15​ Young Avengers 1 Directors Cut
15:04 LONGSHOT 1 | Art Adams first pro work, First Long Shot appearance
16:40​ Pro Tip - from The Crook
17:35​ High Republic Adventures 1 IDW
19:31​ Darth Vader 3 2nd Print
21:25​ Die 1 cover A Stephanie Hans

The Modern Playbook crew has put together a list of ten "Prospective" comic books to look for. This is not the same as the "CBSI Hot Ten" which lists the ten "Hottest" comic books in the Market. The "Prospective" list are books that are most likely to be hot in the future months.

Modern Playbook is the premiere YouTube show for discussion of comic book culture and collecting. Each week we discuss trends in the market, key books, top ten lists, new comics, back issues, and MCU films and TV shows among other factors in the market.

Tales From The Flipside is your source for quality content within the Pop Culture community. We talk comics, cards, toys, movies, and more. Just about everything is collectible these days and we love to talk about them. We have a large line-up of shows that cover topics such as Comic Speculation, Comic Collecting, Star Wars Theory Crafting, Women in Comics, Lists and much more!

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