VAN DAMME – Horror movie Trailer [HD] – Concept Version [UNCUT]

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Jean-Claude Van Damme - Horror movie Trailer [HD] - Concept Version [UNCUT] . Fan-Made. Title : «Abominable».... Information :

Infos about the project :

Story :
A police ranger is call to rescue a group of scientist trapped in a forest which has the presence of a Bigfoot / Sashquatch.

Disappointing news: there was apparently a Universal Studio intent at one short time to have Van Damme in a Universal Studio version of "Abominable". The film was supposed to be directed by Renny Harlin.

This apparently never saw the light of day and was canceled.

Instead, what is being widely confused for Van Damme and Big Foot - is actually another DVD with same tittle - but not with Van Damme. It very likely is an entirely different storyline than that originally anticipated by Universal Studios for Van Damme. Just what that storyline was or might have been - I do not know. Research comes up utterly empty. Van Damme/Abominable seems to have been killed "really dead" in its infancy leaving no tracks. I thought Big Foot always left tracks at least. Well, apparently not true with Van Damme.

The confusion appears to be base on (unless I am wrong) that Ryan Schifrin made his own video on this Big Foot theme that ended up with same title "Abominable" as that early associated to the Van Damme and Universal Studio dead project.

Since then, here are two other Sasquatch projects with Lance Henriksen

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