Vegan Curd Recipe – How To Make Curd Without Curd – Vegan Series By Nupur

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Learn how to make Vegan Curd recipe with Chef Nupur Sampat on Rajshri Food.

Join Chef Nupur Sampat as she teaches you how to make thick curd without using dairy products. Try it at home and share your feedback with us.

For (Peanut) base milk
100 grams Peanuts, soaked
1/2 liter Water

For starter
12 Green chillies Tops
Malai of base milk

Method of preparation:
For base milk
In a mixer jar add peanuts, more than half of 1/2 liter water and churn it.
(Soak peanuts for 2 hours or more)
Drain the mixture using a thick sieve.
Put the fiber back in the mixer and give it one more churn with rest of the water. Strain the mixture again.
Our Peanut Milk is ready.

Transfer the milk to a steel vessel and boil it.

For starter
Pull out the chilli tops and keep the tops aside in a bowl.
Remove the malai of the milk and transfer the milk to an earthen bowl and add the chilli tops into it.
Cover the bowl with and keep it aside for 8-10 hours to set.
Our Vegan Curd is ready.

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